Friday, April 13, 2012

Make-up! It's Got History!

Being in the beauty industry for a little over 20 years, I can assure you that the cosmetics industry is recession proof. It doesn't matter what economic background you come from, mascara and a great lippie will always be purchased as it's instant gratification, a great pick-me-up and most definitely cheaper than splurging on a new outfit. It's an affordable way to stay on-trend. 

I know a few people who feel that the beauty industry is silly or that women who wear make-up should be more natural, and I always find this amusing as I know first hand how powerful it is. I've seen many husbands and boyfriends change their minds on the topic once they've seen how their wife or girlfriend has been transformed. Just take a look at any make-over show on TV and you'll know what I'm saying. 

There's nothing wrong with being barefaced, however, in general how we groom ourselves does say a lot about who we are and how we feel about ourselves. I don't care what anyone says, the moment any man or woman stops caring about their looks or taking care of themselves, they've given up. Period. 

I found these two amazing videos done by the beautiful Make-up Artist Lisa Eldridge. Madeleine Marsh wrote a book about the history of make-up from the Victorian Era straight through to the 1970's. Once you see the history behind it, and how it's tied into everything that we do, and how the trends are directly linked to what's going on in the world (for example war-time, baby-boomers) you'll have a whole new appriciation on the topic. 

For those of you who decide to sit through both videos, grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy!!

Part I


Part II

 Marnie xo


NellieVaughn said...

It is true that when a person has stopped paying attention to their appearance, they have given up. It's a sign of depression.
Men do often claim they want women to wear less makeup, but that's because they have no idea what some of us look like underneath it all. I've seen a few men who could use makeup themselves.

Marnie said...

Nellie - I couldn't agree with you more! I remember the hair bands back in the 80's where all the guys wore make-up. Once the gig was up, you soon realized how much better some of them looked with it ;0) Perhaps you're too young to remember those days!

BamaTrav said...

I like women with make up, or without. Some can get away with very little. Speaking from a man's standpoint. We love our girls even when they look their worst, to us, they are still breathtaking. xo

Marnie said...

Good to know Bama :0)

Deborah said...

Bama's comment is so sweet!

And true. My hubs thinks I'm everything even right now. And if you saw me right now you would run far far away.


Marnie said...

Yes Bama does have his good points ;0) However if he saw me without mine he'd run for the!


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