Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Moldable Ice-packs

Alright, if you are clumsy like me...or if you have a child, you will totally get it when I say that I'm always running out of ice for boo boo's. Recently I have stumbled across many sources for DIY Moldable Ice-packs. Some of the recipes were, errr...interesting. However this one works! It's cheap and you can make as many as you need at a moments notice. These moldable icepacks will not freeze rock hard like ice. They will have the texture of one of those slushy drinks which is handy!

All you need are three things: 
 1. Rubbing Alcohol 
 2. Water 
 3. Ziplock Bags 

 You can make any amount that you like. It's a ratio of 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water. Stir and place into your ziplock freezer bag. 

I suggest you lay your moldable ice-pack flat in the freezer. I like mine so much that the next time I make one, I'm going to add a few drops of food coloring so I can find it easily in my freezer. 

'Tis all! 
 Marnie xo


Rachel said...

A doctor told us about this years ago when my sister busted her nose and we've used it ever since!

Marnie said...

Rachel - This is so handy! I know I'll be using it from now on too :0)

NellieVaughn said...

Heaven sent! I have a knee injury that needs to be iced from now until forever.

Marnie said...

Nellie - Sorry about your knee! Hope you recover fast :0) said...

I'm a klutz, so I really appreciate this recipe.

I like your new blog look, Marnie. It might not be so new. I just haven't popped by in a while. Sorry.

Be well.
xoRobyn said...

This klutz appreciates this blog post.

I also like your new blog look, Marnie.


BamaTrav said... said.....bag. Huhhuh hu huhh.

Marnie said...

Robyn - I was really glad to have found this recipe too...I'm always getting a booboo. No worries around here, as I have not been blogging very often xo

Bama - snicker, snort gaffa! Glad you were amused ;0)

Lynn said...

This is a great recipe! I just used it and found the "slushie-like" consistency amazing. Thanks!!

Brian Whitney said...

Does it work for hangovers?

James Bond said...

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